🔆 The Evolution of The Sunshine Factory 🔅

I opened The Sunshine Factory in January 2018, and since that time it has evolved into becoming a Healing Arts studio.

This ongoing evolution has resulted in the majority of my time being spent in private practice (acupuncture appointments).

It has also afforded me opportunities to become even more involved with the Addiction Recovery Community; providing acupuncture at the studio, local recovery centers and community events.

The devastation of the Opioid Crisis has further strengthened my resolve … to deepen my commitment to this important work, and to invest as much time and energy as possible into educating people about the profound (and, PROVEN) benefits of
Acupuncture for the treatment of Addiction Recovery, Trauma and PTSD;
this work has never been more relevant, important … and necessary.

This is the reason why the posted Weekly Studio Schedule is very limited. I am always working and ALWAYS open to new opportunities for hosting events at the studio and any suggestions, feedback and requests that you may have. 💗

When I first opened the studio in January 2018, it was after parting ways with the studio I’d taught at since going to teacher training in 2004. Many of students I’d taught over the years had become acupuncture patients and friends; they were a community of people who made me feel lOved and appreciated for what my instruction, treatments and guidance had given them over the years. And, as is often true when ending any long term relationship (mine with that studio, at 15 years, is to date, the longest one I’ve ever had); suffice it to say, it wasn’t easy. And, at the time I parted ways with them, I didn’t even know that 6 weeks later I’d be opening a studio … it was the most near-instant experience of “when one door closes …”. And, even though, like most yoga teachers at some point along their yoga-journey, I’d daydreamed about having my own studio (you know what I mean, the on-going Vision Board in your mind … ) the thought of the REALity of it always also coincided with heart palpitations. I started teaching just a couple classes a week at my friends studio and really wasn’t sure what would come next … and, was strangely ok with that (“ … things happen when you’re least expecting / not looking for them.”). Apparently I’d unknowingly teleported into ‘My Life is Every Cliche Pinterest Quote Rolled into One World”, and it was pretty awesome.
Just as I was settling into my newfound-REALlife Zen Mode, opportunity came knocking. It actually seemed too good to be true, but without the typical little (yet somehow reAlly f’ing loud) voice in the back of my brain whisper-screaming, “ don’t be a fuCking idiot!” … obviously I couldn’t turn it down.
HOWEVER, knowing HOW to navigate this unexpected transition from employee at one studio a/k/a My Longest Relationship EVER, into a studio owner … and having ALL my past students being clients of my “Ex” … there’s no ‘For Dummies’ instructional guide for THIS situation (I looked).
So, erring on the side of optimism, when I first opened I had tons of classes on the schedule, but for obvious (and presumably less obvious) reasons … and the simple fact that I have since attributed ALL of this to; the Universe apparently thought I was ready for a SINKorSWIM challenge [Side note: throughout an entire adolescence of attending Summer Camps, I NEVER graduated from the Minows swim group. i wish i was joking. My swimming capabilities would still fall under the category ‘most likely will not drown’.
And, whether or not it was due to my painstaking commitment to conflict-avoidance, my prideful commitment to integrity, my (sometimes) naive faith in The Universe … or maybe I misheard my gut. At any rate, i chose NOT to tell my former students that I’d opened a studio, even though many of them had told me over the years that I should do just that. That decision felt sUper ignorant, FULL proof of my inability to put on a “businesswoman hat”, BUT I slept like a baby in spite of what could have been on the ‘what the fuCk am I doing??!’ stress level spectrum. Integrity pays dividends in restful sleep. 

In conclusion … the classes never really took off.😕

Being an instructor was never just a job to me. It was how I defined myself, who I (thought) I was; it gave my life purpose, substance, meaning and direction.
I believe that it has been the most significant factor in my personal evolution over the past two decades; and, I miss it so much.

I never could have imagined a time when I would not be teaching … especially after opening what I thought would be a yoga studio, but you have to work with what’s working, and now what I’m doing feels right. When I look back over the past year, I can see that yoga was just a part (a SUPER important part) of my journey. I learned so much from my students and the overall experience of teaching; and that knowledge, I believe, is the MOST significant influence on the way I practice acupuncture. now what I’m doing feels right. I never would have opened such a large space if I thought it would “only” be for acupuncture, and for so many months I felt like I was failing, but it has actually been an incredible gift. 

This studio represents to me, the most perfect place to discover my creativity, to deepen my passion, to continue to learn, grow, heal and evolve; and to help others do the same. It represents freedom; the freedom to explore infinite possibilities. And what could be better than that?!
So, it had to happen the way it did; and I couldn’t be happier.

I run the studio entirely on my own, and honestly, I’m still trying to figure things out; a never ending process of trial and error. The class schedule remains fairly consistent week to week, but I’ve made it a “weekly schedule” to allow me room to make changes as needed.