“Acupuncture is more Effective than NSAID’s for Low Back Pain”. Duh.

This is important. If not to you, than certainly to someone you know. There’s generally 1 degree (or less) of separation between you and someone with chronic pain.
There IS a solution to chronic pain, and it’s NOT Vicodin (that literally solves/treats/cures nothing … unless potential opioid addiction and a drug overdose are your goals … I’ll assume not.) Doctors are just humans who have been put on a pedestal by our society, I’m not saying they aren’t valuable, of course they are … a percentage of the time.
The fact you need to consider is that regardless of their schooling, they are still fallible humans who are working within a limited scope of knowledge. And the pedestal they’ve been placed upon (not their fault) very often creates an arrogance that becomes ignorance (their choice) to “alternative“ medicine. Even the fact that medicine outside the scope of practice of western doctors, has been given this term, is all part of the brainwashing of our society. And if you’re saying “nooooooo”, it’s because you’re brainwashed. It’s very effective because it’s been happening since the day you were born. Acupuncture (and other “alternative therapies” are AN alternative to western medicine, an alternative that has virtually zero side effects. An alternative to, the supposedly superior medicine, that has been awarded this scary statistic…
Since 2016 (possibly before that, I’m not sure..) errors in WESTERN medicine are the THIRD LEADING CAUSE of DEATH in the United States. Just recently someone told me their father in-law is now paralyzed after a “routine surgery”. Holy shit. This “medicine“ is responsible for the opioid epidemic. And as far as I know, eastern medicine/acupuncture is one of the only treatments, which has been proven beneficial in the treatment of detoxification from substance abuse.
In my own acupuncture practice I have seen so many examples of people getting significant, sometimes even total, relief from chronic pain. The majority of the time, they were never even offered the suggestion to try acupuncture, even after their doctor, who initially offered only drugs or surgery as treatment, tells them post-surgery, when they’re still in pain, or in worse pain, not to mention in debt … that there was nothing more they could do for them … except a lifetime prescription for more drugs. And you believe them, because they’re a doctor, because that’s what you’ve been taught. This is SO fucked up. I don’t know if it makes me more angry or sad, but it is my mission to change it, to educate people, doctors, everyone and anyone who will listen.
If anyone actually reads this, and has anything to do with a school or college; I’d REALLY love to teach an elective course on Eastern Medicine – why it matters / how you can treat yourself (with stuff you can buy on Amazon!).
This MEDICINE can be an alternative to taking drugs with an encyclopedia’s worth of side effects, or to being treated like a statistic or a diagnosis. And in many cases, an alternative to being led to believe that everything that could be done for you, has been, and now you just have a “bad back”, forever. AND, it offers you the ability to take your health into your own hands, and it can change your life; and it works. For anyone who thinks acupuncture is bullshit, fairy dust, witchcraft or whatever, it’s actually founded on, arguably the most well known SCIENTIFIC fact, everything is energy. If you are interested in disputing that, I will refer you to Einstein, he can explain it better than I. Acupuncture is as simple and profound as that fact. It is simply a way of manipulating your body‘s energy, allowing it’s incredible self-healing mechanism to do exactly that… and be exactly that, incredible.
I don‘t even care if you come to me for acupuncture, of course I’d love it if you did, but more than anything I just want you to know that it exists, and IT WORKS, and 99.9% of the time, without the risk of death … or “oily anal leakage”, “suicidal ideations” or “amnesia … almost never permanent” (for real, that’s an actual quote!).
A relative degree of skepticism can be healthy, but if you are willing to risk some heinous potential side effects (yes, I know they don’t ALL have the potential to make you shit yourself, want to kill yourself, and forget who you are.) … regardless, you’d be a dumbo not to at least try an alternative like acupuncture. Which, by the way, usually has side effects such as, improved sleep, , decreased stress and anxiety, reduction in pain/need for pain relievers, increased energy, focus and an overall sense of wellbeing.
WHEN it works, make sure you tell your doctor… and also that I don‘t think they’re an ignorant, negligent, arrogant imbecile; I just think they should educate themselves on the alternatives, it could change their life too.
This really became WAY more of a thing than I’d intended, I had like 50 other things I was supposed to get done tonight. So, I hope someone read it, and if you are that someone, please share it, like in real life not just on FB. I really do believe it could make a difference in the life of someone you know.
… oh! Also, if YOU are a doctor, don’t be mad at me! 🤓 you’re just an innocent-ish bystander of my passionate tirade, and it is not my intention to insult you … unless you’re one of the ones who treat nurses like shit and never look up from their clipboard when your telling someone what’s wrong with them, and generally just think they’re better than everyone else; then, WTF?!?! Rude.
🤓 – kristen
“Everything is energy. You are energy. Change your energy and you will change your life, and the world.”
Kasim Khan

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