Acupuncture IS medicine.

I’ve lost count of the number of times that my patients have cancelled their appointment due to illness. If you woke up feeling ill on the day you already had a doctors appointment scheduled, would you cancel the appointment? My guess is no, you wouldn’t, you would think it was a fortunate coincidence that you’d be able to be seen and treated right away. I think it’s just the way we are raised in this country, Western medicine is considered “real” medicine and Eastern or Traditional Chinese medicine is … not. Here are some facts that you may be unaware of:

Eastern medicine IS medicine. Same thing as calling fries French, well maybe it’s not the same, but you get my point; in France they are fries, actually that’s not even true, they are frites. But I digress … In China, which by the way, inhabits the majority of the world’s population (nearing 1.5 BILLION!) and other Asian countries, Eastern medicine, is their primary form of medicine. Japan has the highest life expectancy in the world, at 84 years old. And in China it is not uncommon for people to live well past 100. A coincidence? I think not. You might say, I don’t want to live that long, but you would if you felt like you did in your 20’s or 30’s; and they do. Or if all your friends and family were still alive and kicking too; theirs are! Practically until they die, they are active and engaged socially, eating vegetables for breakfast, having tea parties into the evening; not a walker or C-pap machine in sight.

Studies have shown that longevity is affected more significantly by lifestyle than by genetics; 75:25. That means …

Things that are within your control can make ALL the difference in your lifespan.

The moral of the story is; make your health a priority. Show up on time. πŸ™‚

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  1. This article really stood out for me. As an aspiring trainer 3 week diet and current classroom teacher, there was so much that I was thought was spot on, especially about presenting ideas 3 week diet with humility, neutrality and objectivity. Being open to challenge is so important, the more people do this, the more they are engaging with the application of what is being taught to their own lives.

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