Cosmetic Acupuncture ❤️

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Cosmetic acupuncture treatments, like all acupuncture, gain efficacy cumulatively; the results are  temporary if you don’t continue them on a regular basis for the prescribed number of weeks.
Acupuncture, whether cosmetic or otherwise, works to balance your body’s energies. Through that process, your physical, mental and emotional body, and by extension, your face, skin, muscles etc., can be restored to a state of health and wellbeing.
However, your body has a memory; muscular, as well as at a cellular level. When you start receiving acupuncture treatments we are working to remove blocks and imbalances in the flow of energy, which have been build up over your lifetime. It’s kind of like working against a very strong current or digging up an old tree with very long roots. It’s a non-linear process where the treatments create balance and then your body’s memory slowly shifts the flow of energy back to it’s “comfort zone” (imbalance). With regular treatments which occur closer together (i.e. before your body’s memory is able to shift your energy back out of balance); we are able to strengthen the balanced flow of energy from one treatment to the next.  Ultimately, it’s a process of trying to deprogram / reprogram that memory to create a lasting effect; where the flow of balanced energy is strong enough to be maintained over longer periods of time.
As with life, nothing is permanent and change is inevitable. Life creates stagnation; physical, mental and emotional, but with continued “maintenance” treatments (once a month is often adequate) it’s possible to maintain a relatively balanced state of energy ((i.e. a feeling of health and wellbeing). Just as the first few treatments are more effective when they occur closer together, maintenance treatments can occur less frequently while still achieving the same effect.
All of this, essentially means that it’s impossible to create lasting change in one session (of pretty much anything I suspect) and exponentially less effective with sporadic treatments. Just like you couldn’t do yoga once and expect to get or stay flexible. Although, you could have one treatment or yoga class and feel fantastic, that is likely … but not lasting.
Whatever you choose is entirely up to you. What is important to me, is that you understand how it works so that you are equipped with the right information to make the best choice, and so that you will get the best results … and not waste your money.


Before & After Photos 

before (left) and after their first session






For best results, a complete course of treatment is recommended; 12 sessions over 10 weeks, 2 sessions per week the first two weeks, one session per week the following 8 weeks. The measure of improvement depends on the individual, and on following the prescribed treatment schedule.

Package: includes consultation and 12 treatments: $850. Facial Acupuncture + a 10 class pass at The Sunshine Factory: $950.

Individual treatments: $150 initial visit / $100 follow up treatments.