Music IS Medicine ๐ŸŽถ๐Ÿ’™

Music IS Medicine

… it is the soundtrack to the human condition; the experience of all it means to be alive in this world.

Music puts wings on the human spirit.” ย 

– Frank Sinatra

I have been in love with music for as long as I can remember ๐Ÿ’—.
feelinโ€™ it; since 1978 โค๏ธ

And it brings me the greatest ย joy, that in my studio, through acupuncture and yoga; I am able to utilize my love of (obsession with!) music as a way to connect with my patients and students.

โ€œMusic can help reduce chronic pain by more than 20%, and can alleviate depression by up to 25%.โ€

Music is, arguably, unparalleled in it’s ability to awaken the senses, inspire the soul and quiet the mind. It’s a common opinion that music is distracting in a yoga practice, and while I appreciate and understand the value of silence; I also find music to be incredibly therapeutic. The problem I find, is that silence, in a yoga practice, can be incredibly loud. In the vast space, that silence creates, our minds wander wildly, leaving very few moments to be spent in the present.ย 

Music holds your attention,; which allows for a cerebral experience of the present moment; one that has the ability to affect real and lasting change. It is this kind of experience that ultimately leads to healing of physical, mental and emotional dis-ease.

Our senses connect us to the outside world, and when combined with a practice of mindfulness, they provide a bridge between our mind and physical body. Understanding how the stimuli of the world around us affects shifts in the energy within us, is a powerful way to learn about ourselves. That kind of understanding is the only way to truly be able to take control of your health … your life.

Music, unique in it’s ability to create a cathartic release, elicits shifts in emotional energy, unlike any yoga class or acupuncture treatment. The ability to let go, to emote, to be vulnerable, to release the emotions you have been holding onto; is essential to the ability to heal physically. Both acupuncture and yoga, work by unblocking stuck energy. Music can encourage the physical purging of the energy that is released. Holding onto emotional pain will keep you sick, and releasing it assists in your ability to heal.

Itโ€™s all energy; Where it is stuck, it ย needs to be MOVED. ย what doesn’t serve you, needs to be released.
We are energy, music is energy.

I believe that music is medicine.

โ€œThe architecture of the human brain, and the neurological processes by which memory is encoded, stored and recalledโ€, all contribute to our perception of reality. This incredible ability, to be able to hold on, to SO much, about the past and the future; is both a blessing, and a curse. The blessings are obvious; memories of love and loved ones, of mind blowing experiences … and the endless opportunities, to use these experiences and memories, to aid in our personal evolution.ย 

The curse however, I believe; is due to a simple, yet profound, lack of awareness. We have a tragic ability, to move through life without truly โ€œexperiencingโ€ it at all. Our minds stay so caught up with thoughts of the past (memories) and the future (worries); we effectively negate the ability to create memories which are based on actual, real-time experiences. ย A practice of mindfulness, the practice of becoming a more intentional human; provides endless opportunities; to learn, to grow, to heal, to be challenged, and to discover, who you are.

A practice of mindful awareness will change you, and allow you to change your life.


ย  ย ยฉ February 16, 2018 Kristen Boze, The Sunshine Factory