Class Descriptions

“All the body’s systems and processes – your nerves, your emotions – take instruction from what is going on with your breath.”
– Tara Stiles

All of our classes will be tailored to the students who attend the class each week. The primary focus of every class will be on learning how to breathe properly, using your breath as the foundation and fuel for your body and your practice.  

All classes will be comprised of several components; breathing exercises: focused breathing is the bridge between your mind and body; infusing your entire system with life force and allowing you to be present in your practice, AND in your life. Hatha Yoga style postures: mindfulness in movement requires several things; your breath to be the catalyst for every movement, a solid connection to your physical foundation that connects you to your muscular strength, and connection to your core / center of gravity.  When you are practicing with all of this, everything falls into place, because YOU let it. You will stop trying to force your body to a place it may not be ready to go.

Attention to the fundamental aspects of a physical practice inherently creates a detachment from the struggle so often created with misplaced effort and intention. For example, focusing so intently on going deeper into a posture instead of on the details that will get you there. By incorporating your breath into every movement, by flowing with the organic rhythm that your breath creates; you will naturally work with your body and not against it. You’ll find that your body responds in kind; coming alive with every breath and using it to embrace every posture. You will learn how to listen to your body, respecting what it is telling you; no longer fighting yourself or creating unnecessary struggle. This is the place where you discover the benefits of a yoga practice that reach FAR beyond your mat. It is where you notice that your whole life begins to change for the better; not because you struggled and forced your way into change, but because you let go of all the things you cannot control and chose instead to meet yourself where you’re at in that exact moment. It won’t matter what “kind” of yoga it is, or what postures you’re practicing; you will joyfully and willingly, without judgment or expectation, find your place, exactly where you’re supposed to be.


Afternoon Delight
Sweaty, stretchy & fun, what more do you need to know?This class will be similar to Hatha n’ Flow, customized each week, specifically for those in attendance. In this way, you are sure to get the most out of your Hot Lunch, so that it energizes and sustains you for the rest of your day 🙂

Barre Dia Flow
This is complete body conditioning; cardio, dynamic movement, basic ballet moves for lean muscles, and yoga to increase flexibility.  When you leave this class you feel invigorated, yet calm. Barre Dia empowers students to find strength and self-love through movement. 

Check out a video clip of the class 🎬Barre Dia Flow🔆❤

This class offers the best of Barre to increase strength, while cultivating mindfulness with yoga and breathing. Class begins with a cardio warmup to increase heart rate, burn calories and prepare your muscles, and is followed by the perfect combination of movement, full body strengthening and Yoga. And all in 50 minutes! What’s not to love?❤

Cloud 9 *
this is so much more than a yoga class; it is a personalized healing experience, tailored specifically for you. in a warm studio with mellow tunes and the option to choose healing therapies (auricular acupuncture, cupping therapy and Moxibustion (heat therapy)); you are free to create the experience that best fits your needs.

knowledge is power; click the colored links to familiarize yourself with the benefits of these incredible healing modalities. at Cloud9, we help you to create your own class, within a group setting. however, there are also options to set up a more private treatment space. if you choose to have cupping, you will be personally instructed on movements and postures that will help you to potentiate the effectiveness of the cups; creating a truly synergistic effect. this class is an excellent (and affordable) opportunity to experience the calming effects of acupuncture along with the tension relieving/detoxifying effects of cupping. all of this, in combination with prescribed postures and stretches, is the epitome of synergy; and is sure to have you floating into the rest of your week or weekend.  
Acupuncture & Cupping Therapy Aftercare Information

* classes with an asterisk may have special pricing, please see the Prices page for more information.

Fire & Ice
Hatha (or in this particular case, Barre) and Yin. Yin and Yang. Sun and Moon. Hot and Cold (warming and cooling). There are lots of words to describe the one word that summarizes this class; balance. 

Flow for Everyone
Class begins by awakening the body with breath, some gentle movements and Yin postures. A slow Vinyasa style flow comes next, with plenty of strength, balance, and breathing challenges.

Most classes include an opportunity to do an inversion of your choice, as well as restorative poses. At the one-hour mark, students may leave if their schedule only allows for an hour of practice. The vinyasa transitions in this class are slower than a typical vinyasa class. The intention is to create safe, focused movements / transitions, supported by breath, strength and proper alignment; all of which allow for maximum benefit. The slower format also makes this vinyasa accessible to a wider range of students. If you like the idea of flow yoga, but it has felt rushed or confusing to you in the past, give this class a try!
For those who choose to stay, there will be a 20-30 minute Yoga Nidra, guided meditation. Please see the Yoga Nidra class description if you are not familiar with this meditative practice.

Free Swim
several hours of open studio time. You can come and relax on your mat in the studio or curl up and read in the cozy lounge. You can ask questions, get corrections or just be. on your mat. in your body. in a safe, warm healing space. Time on your mat; without instruction or expectation, that is when you really get to listen to what your body is telling you, who knows what you might discover …

Fusion Yoga
The main emphasis of this class is on breath work, connecting to your breath and integrating it into every moment and movement; essentially fusing your mind and body with breath. By energizing your body with this “life force”, you create presence by bridging your body and mind, which allows your breath to be the foundation of support and strength in balancing postures, the catalyst for movement in “flow” and the willingness to surrender into yin postures.

Gentle Flow with Yoga Nidra
“Gentle does not mean “easy”. This class moves slowly from one posture to the next with an emphasis on proper alignment and the appropriate use of modifications. By bringing attention to the details of alignment, students obtain maximum benefit and safety in their practice.

There is no rushing, and no competitive atmosphere. We will explore sitting, standing, and floor postures with a sense of curiosity and exploration. There is still a strength building component to this class. At the one hour mark, students may choose to leave, or to stay for a 20-30 minute Yoga Nidra.

Hatha n’ Flow
A flow-y hatha class. For those familiar with the Bikram series, this class is like a more fluid Bikram practice, as opposed to continually stopping and starting. The “flow” is about flowing from breath into movement, not the common idea of flow meaning quickly moving from one posture to another. By applying the same fundamentals of a “static” posture to movement, the transitions or “flow” become seamless and FUN!

Jane Fonda Fusion
This class is all about small movements to target specific muscle groups. Building the strength you need to stabilize your joints to improve your balance. It is a common misconception that yoga is all about flexibility. Yoga requires AND improves both strength and flexibility. In this class the emphasis is on the component of strength. Don’t forget your leg warmers!

My 🤬 Neck Hurts 
(yoga for those with neck, back and/or shoulder tension a/k/a EVERYONE).

In my acupuncture practice, probably 60-75% of the patients I see complain of neck, back and shoulder tension / pain; and it’s no coincidence that roughly 80% of jobs are considered sedentary. There is a combination of circumstances that can cause our shoulders to become earmuffs, our posture to be absolutely ridiculous, and our job related physical activity to range from counterproductive to detrimental. Our insanely busy lives take a toll on our minds and bodies and leave little time for relaxation and proper rest. Mental stress creates muscle tension, which leads to pain and limited range of motion. In a Eastern Medicine we understand that pain = stagnation; where there is no stagnation, there is no pain. None of this pain / stagnation goes away with pain killers, in fact the conventional methods of “dealing” with pain only masks the problem, allowing it to get worse instead of better. The good news is, YOU can help to prevent and relieve muscle tension simply by stretching your overused muscles and strengthening your core to support your spine and back muscles (and by being hydrated!). For the time being, this class is once a week; that my friends, is not enough to make a real difference, but you will learn simple stretches and exercises that you can … and should, do on your own.

Strength & Balance
Who wouldn’t like to be more stable? Yoga, and life, should be a balance of flexibility AND stability, strength and softness! Don’t be afraid of (avoid) your weak spots …. work to make them stronger!

Set to motivating music, this class is designed as a stand alone fitness class or a great compliment to your yoga practice. It will include training with free weights, resistance bands, exercise balls, body weight, core strengthening, and plenty of balance challenges. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, fit or not so fit. All exercises can be adapted to an appropriate level of challenge! We don’t judge……we just want to get you to a stronger, more balanced place … and have FUN!

“Music puts wings on the human spirit.” – Frank Sinatra 

Sweatin’ to the Oldies
A hatha style class set to music.  My love of music and belief that it can infuse a class with energy, inspiration and even cathartic release; is at the forefront of this class experience.

Titan Yoga
No prior yoga experience is necessary in order to participate in this class designed exclusively for men. Based on the principles of Power and Yin yoga, the sequence and postures of this class are structured to build strength, improve flexibility and provide cardiovascular benefits.

Following the model of traditional weight training, this class alternates between brief periods of exertion and rest; performing a series of strength building postures and alternating with intervals of rest, where you will hold Yin postures (Pigeon or Child’s pose for example).
Join me in putting the Warrior back in Warrior pose!
“ … this was really great, I felt like I got a full body workout, AND the deep stretching that I really need. I wish I could make my friends understand how much they’d appreciate how good they’d feel after this class, I’ll definitely be at the next one.”


Yin Yoga
Yin is a meditative, slow, deep, stretch style of yoga. Practicing gentle, longer-held postures (with props) allows for a deeper stretch that opens the body and creates space in the connective tissues, muscles and joints. With the added benefit of Restorative postures; this class will facilitate a feeling of balance, calm and bliss!



Yoga Nidra
Yoga Nidra is a systematic approach to deep relaxation and meditation. Participants are typically reclined in a very comfortable, supported position, then guided through a deep relaxation process that facilitates healing on a psychological and physiological level. Anybody can do Yoga Nidra, it cannot be done wrong. You will be left feeling rejuvenated, and maybe even, euphoric!


Community Acupuncture Clinic * 
Community acupuncture is a nationwide movement to make the incredible healing benefits of acupuncture accessible and affordable. Community Acupuncture clinics offer treatment in a group setting and charge on a sliding scale format.

We use points on the ears, scalp and below the elbows and knees to treat the entire body, so there’s no need to undress – just remove your shoes and roll up your pants and sleeves. And yes, we can even address your back pain by treating your wrists.

You will be surrounded by other people quietly receiving treatment at the same time. Patients benefit many ways from the community setting. In our busy society, it is not often we stop and take time to relax while surrounded by our peers. This is not a lack of privacy but an opportunity to experience treatment with family, friends and community. As with any intentional group endeavor, the shared state makes individual treatments more powerful. Here, just like with Yoga; the patients create the healing atmosphere as much as the practitioner.

classes with an asterisk may have special pricing, please see the Prices page for more information.

☀ This clinic will be a little different than most community acupuncture clinics because you will be lying on a yoga mat on the floor, as opposed to sitting in a chair.  For those who would not be comfortable with this set up, whether due to injury or some other circumstance, there are several  alternative seating options.

Follow these links to learn more about Acupuncture and Auriculotherapy. Auriculotherapy for addiction and trauma.

Hatha Coffee
In an effort to allow early morning classes to be more meditative;  these classes will have less instruction and a more mellow soundtrack / background music. Hatha Coffee is about breathing life into your whole being, so that you can start the day feeling centered and present in your body and mind.

Hatha Silent Class with Music
I want to say that this class will be in the exact format of the Bikram series, but I have a hard time “coloring inside the lines” so to speak. This class will be very close to that format because it is conducive to very minimal instruction/ “silence”. With very minimal instruction and music that is mellow and predominantly instrumental; this class is the perfect opportunity to focus your attention inward, to allow your practice to be a moving meditation.

Hatha Workshop *
An interactive yoga class, the actual structure of which, is relatively unimportant. We will be deconstructing postures to understand their separate parts, and then piecing them back together; with focused intention.

This approach organically translates into a calmer you, a more solid foundation (a more stable ankle), a considerably more efficient connection to muscle strength, drastically improved balance / control, conservation of energy, less struggle and frustration, more enjoyment and exponentially greater benefits. Plus, sometimes we get to play with balls. Big balls, little balls, Bosu balls; so many balls … and other props; all meant to give you a different perspective on alignment, and the understanding of how proper alignment connects you to your strength. Sounds pretty great, right?!

* $20 drop in / $5 for those with a membership or multiple class, or new student pass.