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My vision for The Sunshine Factory …

Through yoga, I believe I have found my higher purpose; it is the foundation of what my life is built upon, and the stepping stone towards the path of all the good things that I have been blessed with. It has given me the clarity and honesty to see myself for who I truly am and what I am capable of; and that is what I want to give to my students and patients. 

The Sunshine Factory is the culmination of, and a reflection of, all I have experienced in my life. My studies, my yoga practice, my students, my desire to share what I have learned and my believe that combining a practice of mindfulness with the incredible benefits of eastern medicine; will change your life. All of this and more, has inspired me to create a place where I can continue to learn, and share that knowledge with others.
My desire as a teacher is to show people what they are capable of, helping them to find their place in every posture, in any class. If you can let go and allow your yoga practice to be your teacher; it will improve every facet of your life. I strive with every class, with every student, to make connections; to make everyone feel challenged and included as part of the group energy.  I love that about yoga, the synergy of it. It’s such an individual experience, each person on their own mat, in their own body and mind, but also a part of the group; each person’s individual experience contributing to the group energy. As a teacher you are at the helm of that energetic experience; it is a fantastic and humbling responsibility.”
❤, k