“Cupping therapy is the oldest and most globally practiced medical treatment in human history”Izharul Hasan

Benefits of Cupping 

Pain Relief – Several studies show that cupping therapy relieves various types of pain, from cancer to arthritis to lower back pain.

Relaxation – Everyone can use a little more relaxation! Cupping therapy eases stress by promoting blood and energy flow. It also releases toxins to relax the body and the mind.

Get Rid of Headaches
Research published in “The American Journal of Chinese Medicine” proved that cupping therapy treats headaches effectively. The study was done among 70 patients all of who had recurring tension headaches. The patients were evaluated before and after the cupping treatment. Sixty-six percent of those treated noted a huge reduction in the severity of their headaches.

Relieve Coughs, Colds and Allergies
Cupping therapy helps stimulate the lungs and other vital organs, and helps clear out phlegm and congestion. Coughing is often caused because of too much phlegm in the lungs. Cupping therapy speeds up the healing process of colds and helps reduce the symptoms associated with allergies. An added benefit is that in doing this it helps move lymphatic fluid and blood which speeds up metabolism in the body.

Healing – Cupping promotes blood flow targeted to a particular area; better flow means faster healing.

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Skin – Surface problems are often manifestations of what’s happening within. Increased blood flow brings oxygen and nutrients up through the skin to nourish and heal it.
Cupping may be effective in reducing the incidence of acne, eczema, and the appearance of cellulite.

Boost Mood and Relieve Anxiety 
Cupping therapy improves blood circulation and also improves positive moods, reduces tension and relieves anxiety. It can help improve one’s sleep habits, too. 

Flush Toxins
When getting cupping therapy, any stagnation in the blood is cleared out thereby flushing toxins and treating the cupped areas. It gets rid of dead cells and other debris. These harmful things will be expelled out of the body naturally to improve overall health.

Slow the Aging Process 
Cupping therapy is a wonderful anti-aging treatment. When it is done on the face, it helps rejuvenate the formation of collagen which helps skin look young and radiant.

Digestion – Whether stemming from an immune system response, poor dietary habits, and/or chronic stress, cupping can reduce stress in the abdominal area, relieving symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, constipation, and water retention.

Aftercare:  You may feel fatigued the day after cupping as your body processes the toxins released. Drink plenty of water to help eliminate toxins from the body. Avoid exercise, showers and saunas immediately following your treatment. In general, listen to your body, take it easy and rest. Click here for more aftercare information. ❤

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