The thing about Frequently Asked Questions, is that you can find the answers quite readily. And honestly, they tend to be a bit silly and boring.

I’m not flexible, can I still do yoga?”    Ummm, is this a serious question? Did you actually expect someone to respond by telling you, “No. Everyone who does yoga was born able, so you’re out of luck with the whole flexibility thing. You are only allowed to watch tv and ask silly questions, sorry ☹️. No such luck! You most definitely can .. and should, do yoga; but you already knew that.
Remember when you couldn’t read a book or tie your own shoes or drive a car? You probably didn’t assume those things just weren’t for you. You learned, with your brain and your body, you showed up and you learned. Only this time, showing up, could change your whole life; if you let it.


Is there parking?
Yes, tons. We are located in The Castle building, the majority of which is occupied by Maine Medical Partners. For this reason, the parking lot is mostly empty after 4pm Monday thru Friday, as well as all weekend. There are three parking lots; two on the main entrance side of the building (an upper and lower lot, which are connected by a staircase) and one on the back side of the building (the back entrance is for Maine Urology only).

Do you have showers?
No,🙁 but I’m hoping to have this Octopus Sprinkler in time for summer 😎.

Do you have mats and towels to rent?
We do have some yoga mats available for rent ($1). We don’t have a ton of rental mats, so if possible; bring your own mat to class with you.
We do not have towels for rent at this time, sorry.

What if I forgot my yoga clothes?
No worries! You’re in luck, we have a Clothes Share cupboard! 🙂
Clothes that you can borrow, keep, swap out with something of yours … or donate to the Clothes Swap cause.
There are also some clothes items for sale.

Is it hot?
In the heated classes, the average temperature is 85-95 degrees, 20-40% humidity. Some classes are “warm”, but never below 75 degrees. If the studio temperature is of major concern, you are welcome to stop by and see how it feels to you.
For those of you who love the heat:
the above mentioned “average temperature” is based solely on the last few months that we’ve been open (January thru March 2018, i.e. Tundra temps). I suspect that it will get hotter as we move into the Spring and Summer months.
For those of you who are not such fans of the heat:
if you are curious about Yoga, meditation, acupuncture, cupping, or any of our other offerings, I strongly suggest that you come visit the studio before deciding that you think it’s too warm/hot for you. The experience of heat in the studio is so much different than in the summer months, or on a trip to Florida, or possibly even at other studios that you’ve been to. There is SO much that you can benefit from in this space, and so much your body can benefit from by being warm. We have lots of different options, not all of which are hot … and you never know, you might just love the heat. 🔆
Article: The Benefits of Heated Yoga.
Please feel free to contact us with any further questions or concerns.