Chronic vs. Acute Conditions

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Acupuncture Treatment for
Chronic vs. Acute Conditions

Acute conditions become chronic when they are left untreated. Acute symptoms, for example, a twitching muscle or a mild headache, are simply symptoms of stagnant (blocked) energy along a meridian pathway. When these kinds of symptoms persist, and are ignored, that stagnant energy becomes a larger blockage, and the symptoms become more severe … eventually chronic. This theory of this MEDICINE, IS science based, EVERYTHING IS ENERGY. (Click the colored link to learn more about how Quantum Physics has proved; Everything Is Energy and Science Has Proved It).
To simplify: The problem in our society, where preventative medicine is not the norm, is that we tend to ignore health issues when they are minor. WE allow them to become more problematic, more deeply embedded into our body’s tissues; which eventually leads to more deeply rooted / chronic conditions and ultimately, disease. Essentially, we end up treating (i.e. “fighting”)  a much more powerful imbalance of energy; and that takes longer to TREAT.

For example, acute conditions are more easily treated because they are in the more superficial layers of your body, easier to “push out”. When you ignore something for long enough, or it isn’t treated effectively, it is able to settle deeper and deeper into your muscles, tissues and even into your memory. Your body can get so used to being in pain that your brain can get stuck in a negative feedback loop, creating pain even when none exists. The effects of acupuncture can be felt throughout your entire body, but the effects on your brain are what can create a more lasting result from your treatments.

Acute vs. Chronic Conditions and Injuries:
Phases of Healing & Treatment Protocols

It really doesn’t matter what your current state of health may be, you will benefit from acupuncture.