Ear Seeds 👂🏼❣️

“Auriculotherapy is powerful medicine.
Whether you’re looking for rapid pain relief, addiction recovery, stress management or health improvement; auriculotherapy has achieved results for thousands of years – often more quickly and powerfully than any other treatment.”


Ear seeds, which are tiny seeds of the vaccaria plant (or, metal plated, or magnetic beads) that are stuck onto key points on the ear, using adhesive tape. Ear seeds can be left on for up to five days (you can shower and sleep as usual), but they may fall off sooner, depending on where they’ve been placed. By stimulating (i.e. pressing on) them, the energetics (pain relieving, calming, healing … benefits) will be activated. Basically, they are a stick-on, stress relieving Super Seed❣️.

“I’ve been struggling with horrible allergies all summer, I was taking medication but it was barely helping. I went to see Kristen as I heard acupuncture could give allergy relief. She applied the ear needles to the allergy point and I’ve been symptom free for weeks now. She also put acupressure seeds on which I left on for a few days, I think those helped as well. The studio space is wonderfully decorated, cozy and welcoming. Kristen does an amazing job and is definitely a master of her craft.” – M. Brown 💙


Since the whole person is represented on the ear, pretty much any health issue can be supported with ear seeds — things like anxiety, depression, detoxification, digestive issues, fatigue, headaches, immunity, insomnia, libido, moon cycles, pain, quitting, stress, seasonal symptoms/allergies, and trauma, to start.

And, you don’t need an acupuncture license or specialized training to safely apply a few tiny, stick-on ear seeds to some of the many recognized therapeutic points on the ears — you can apply this self-healing modality at home, yourself❣️


In auriculotherapy, the ear is treated as a microsystem, or a self-contained system within the larger system of the whole body. You might have heard the saying, “as above, so below”, which refers to the concept that all the information of the whole is present in the part, and that the same patterns repeat and are visible at every level of the system. This is one of the theoretical bases for why microsystems work – they contain all the information of the whole (body) and can thereby both reflect, and affect it.

The specific anatomy of the ear makes it unique among microsystems and helps explain why ear seeds work. To start, the ear is enervated by 4 nerves, which is A LOT for such a small structure. The working theory is that applying pressure to the external ear stimulates these nerves, which relay to the central nervous system, stimulating neurotransmitters that relax and reduce pain.

Functional magnetic resonance imaging studies have shown brain activity in the parts of the brain corresponding to the auricular acupuncture points selected — the point on the ear corresponding to the stomach point produces activity in the hypothalamus satiety center, same as if you were eating. The thumb area on the ear activates the precentral gyrus, which is same area activated by direct stimulation of an actual thumb. This means that our brains interpret stimulation of these corresponding ear points as stimulation of the actual body part, opening up a way to easily work with so many internal body structures using just the external ear. This is how intricate, smart, and magical our bodies are!

Beyond the nervous system connections and effects, though, other self-healing physiological processes are taking place: pressing on ear seeds has been shown to improve peripheral blood circulation, delivering more oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. Research has also found that systemic endorphins and enkephalins, our natural analgesics/painkillers, are elevated after auricular treatment, as in full body acupuncture treatments. This is all happening with acupressure too, by the way.

These are pretty significant physiological effects for “just” some stick-on seeds on your ears. This is why people often report feeling calm, relaxed, more “in their bodies”, and experience significantly less pain, when using ear seeds; regardless of the health condition they’re targeting. It’s all real; and it REALLY works!


There are hundreds of acupuncture points on the ears, but there are 3 points that I use as the foundation of most treatments: Shen Men, Point Zero, and Sympathetic. These points are extremely powerful; and their  effects can often be felt immediately!
Also known as Divine Gate, Shen Men is so powerful that it treats almost everything; stress, anxiety, depression, inflammatory diseases, etc.
💗 SYMPATHETIC / AUTONOMIC POINT: “Downshifts” the nervous system into Parasympathetic, bringing the patient into relaxation mode.
💗 POINT ZERO: Balances the body’s energy; a “centering” point.

Shen Men is a Master Point. Master points are always electrically active in comparison to other points on the ear. Of the 180 protocols that are listed in Auriculo 3D, 164 of them list Shen Men as a recommended treatment point. In fact, by treating (i.e. needling) Shen Men first; the other points that need treatment will also become active; amaZing❣️

Point Zero is known for bringing the body back into homeostatic balance; this point not only balances energy, but is also used to regulate the brain, viscera, and hormones.
Dr. Paul Nogier, who prior to becoming famous for developing Auriculotherapy in France, was a civil engineer. And, while drawing out the auriculotherapy map-zones; he discovered that Point Zero was actually the geometrical and physiological center point on the humunculus of the ear; and aligns with the solar plexus.

Too many of us live in a constant sympathetic nervous system state. The sympathetic nervous system was designed to jump start our bodies into fight or flight mode for survival purposes. Basically, in this state, our digestive and organ functions shut down, so that we can save ourselves during emergency situations. Parasympathetic mode, on the other hand, is where we should be most of the time. This is where our body regenerates and heals. When someone comes in for acupuncture, my primary objective is to help him or her move back into parasympathetic function. The Sympathetic Autonomic Point will do exactly that.

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