NADA Clinic ❀️ Testimonials

“This place is amazing!!
And, Kristen is even more so. She is so kind, responsive, empathetic and really KNOWS what she is doing/talking about and educates you constantly. She is genuinely passionate about what she does and truly wants to aid in healing people.
In the few treatments I’ve had, I’ve already noticed a difference.
I can’t wait to see what the fUture holds with continued care.
I know western doctors serve a purpose, but I truly believe that most ailments and diseases can be healed with eastern medicine treatments like
the NADA Protocol.
And, Kristen is definitely the woman to help you to heal!
Highly recommended! πŸ™ ❀️” ~ T. Stella

β€œI’ve been going to the NADA clinic at The Sunshine Factory for a couple months, and I absolutely love it! Acupuncture has been truly life-changing for me. The studio has a refreshing atmosphere, and Kristen really makes sure you have a comfortable, positive experience. I’m looking forward to trying out Cloud 9 and yoga at the studio!”

β€œSince an early age I have struggled with and had my quality of life impaired by anxiety, that gut wrenching feeling of constant internal fight mode. I carried this anxiety with me into my teens and early twenties, where I eventually turned to alcohol to seek instant gratification for soothing my fears. After three years of silently struggling with alcohol abuse I, at 24, sought the help I needed to become sober and gain healthy, sustainable tools to work through and grow from uncomfortable emotions and recover from addiction. After 9 months of sobriety I was still dealing with debilitating anxiety, and felt as though I had exhausted all of my options to combat it. I had tried various anti-anxiety medications since the age of 13 and found very little relief and great difficulty in attempting to regulate these medications into my system. I knew I needed to try something new. I have always had interest in eastern medicine, and decided to give acupuncture a try. I had heard about the Sunshine Factory from other women in recovery, and made an appointment to receive acupuncture. I found The Sunshine Factory easily after following the directions on the website, and was blown away when I walked in. The space was absolutely beautiful and had an almost tangible air of peace. Gorgeous music was playing calmly in the background as I was warmly welcomed by the owner, Kristen. Kristen talked to me one on one for more than an hour, asking thoughtful and insightful questions about my experiences and feelings in life that brought me to want to try acupuncture. I was amazed and honored that she took so much time out of her day to try to really learn about me as to treat me to the best of her best ability. This was something I had never experienced before with doctors or psychiatrists, and was amazed to experience for the first time at 24 years old. After our consultation and an explanation of how acupuncture works with the body, Kristen administered my acupuncture and I was floored. I felt a release that brought me to tears because it was a feeling of calm I can’t recall experiencing prior. I knew acupuncture was something that would work for me, and was filled with hope, and left feeling an immense amount of gratitude and peace of mind. I have consistently visited The Sunshine Factory for acupuncture as well as meditation and yoga classes and have felt a massive change in my anxiety levels and an overall re-centering of my being. I am eternally grateful for Kristen and the wealth of healing, goodness and hope that the Sunshine Factory has brought into my life.”
– Emily Y.

“Kristen does (ear) acupuncture at Enso Recovery, where I work; and over the past few months, I have received weekly treatments. It has helped with chronic jaw pain and re-occurring ear pain, which I had just come to accept as “normal.” Kristen also introduced me to Binaural Beats (sound therapy); and I have started listening to the soothing sounds at bedtime; which really helps me to calm my racing mind, so that I can actually relax enough to fall asleep … instead of laying there awake for hours obsessing. I have never been able to turn my brain off, relax, and fall asleep so quickly!! Kristen’s acupuncture sessions are the weekly highlight for our clients, many of which were apprehensive at first, but are now enjoying the many physical and mental benefits of acupuncture! AMAZING!!”
– Christina Gilliam

β€œI am 27 years old, and I am a recovering heroin addict. Over the last few years I have spent countless time and energy trying to find the best alternatives (to the pills that Western doctors prescribe), for dealing with extreme anxiety. Once I met Kristen, my search was over. The combination of yoga and acupuncture has changed my life. I have been fortunate enough to be a client of hers for many years; long before she opened her incredible healing sanctuary, The Sunshine Factory. The auricular (ear) needles I receive address my specific needs; primarily anxiety, stress and muscle tension in my neck and back. The results for me have been nothing short of miraculous; I seriously cannot believe how well it works; every time!
Walking into her studio feels like healing even before your treatment even begins; and it has so much to offer. There are so many inspiring and healing clinics and treatments; and so different than what you will find anywhere else; there really is no place like it. The unique combination of acupuncture, cupping therapy and yoga, with meditation and breathing techniques; has given me the tools I desperately needed … not only in my recovery; but in ability, to completely change my life.”
– L. White πŸ’™