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♥️ Believe in possibilities. Trust your gut. Ask ALL of your questions. Find your voice, so you can stand up for what you believe in. Live with integrity. Never forget, this is YOUR life; and you are creating it with every choice you make. ♥️

When your energy is balanced and flowing freely, you can find the will, the motivation, the strength and desire; to make your life what you want. Stuck energy can be like dust and cobwebs inside your body; acupuncture can be like the broom you’ve been missing to be able to sweep them away and find what’s underneath. You are stronger and smarter and more powerful than you ever imagined, and you deserve to find out how it feels to believe that.

“Growth is painful. Change is painful. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong.”   –

❣️ Required Reading for New Patients ❣️

Hello, I can’t wait to meet you! I know this may seem like a lot to read through, but everything contained in these pages should answer the majority of your questions, and have you totally prepared for your upcoming appointment. Arriving for your appointment as comfortable and relaxed as possible will help to ensure that it is an awesome experience, and as beneficial as possible.

“The best way to go into an unknown territory is to go in ignorant, ignorant as possible, with your mind wide open, as wide open as possible and not having to meet anyone else’s requirement but your own.”
Dorothea Lange

💲The cost for your first appointment is $150, and will take about 2 hours. I have found that we could probably talk for two hours, before your treatment even begins; definitely plan for two hours minimum!
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💡 The “getting to know you” / consultation portion of your appointment, is essential in Eastern Medicine. And, it is imperative to my being able to provide you with the most effective treatment; and is not something that should feel rushed. I am going to be treating YOU, not your condition; you are a person, not a combination of symptoms; I need to know as much about you as possible. It is equally as important that you feel comfortable with me;  try to be prepared with any questions you may have, writing them down as they come up prior to arriving at the studio, is an excellent idea.

✍🏼 After your appointment I will provide you with a mini-notebook, to do just that.

💜 After the consultation, your treatment begins; this is the time when you get to TOTALLY relax. The more relaxed you are, the more effective the treatment will be. Feeling anxious mentally, creates physical tension (i.e. resistance to the treatment, the flow of energy; essentially it’s counterproductive to what we’re trying to achieve). Of course it is understandable to feel anxious if you’ve never experienced acupuncture. The best thing you can do is focus on your breathing, this will help to relax your nervous system; allowing your body, mentally and physically, to be receptive to the treatment.

❗️8 Things to Remember Before Your Acupuncture Appointment

💤 ⏰  You will rest with the needles for 20-40 minutes; the length of time will vary treatment to treatment. It is quite common for people to fall asleep, and just as common that they say it’s the most relaxed they’ve been in a long time; or ever. I think what is most important is that you have no expectations, giving yourself the best chance to allow your body to relax, and let go into the effects of the needles.

☕️ Avoid caffeine for 4-5 hours before your appointment, or all day if possible. Although, for some people, coffee no longer creates that “hyped up” effect, and instead can cause headaches. If that is the case for you; having a little coffee to avoid a headache, may be preferable. The objective is to arrive as relaxed as possible, so that your treatment will be as effective as possible; caffeine “jitters”, it probably goes without saying, doesn’t lend itself to that end.

💙 Bring, or wear comfortable clothing (avoid clothing with tight waistbands) clothing that allows access to the area(s) you want to be treated (have pain or discomfort).

💧 Do your best to arrive hydrated …

🍕 … and, neither hungry nor full; both can diminish the effects of your treatment. Specifically, being hungry and/or dehydrated can make you uncomfortably needle-sensitive (hyper-sensitive to the sensation of the needles).

🚽 Be sure to go to the bathroom before your appointment, a full bladder will not make it easy to relax!

Follow up appointments:
🔸 Your return visits will vary, typically from 60-75 minutes.
🔶 Before each treatment we’ll discuss any updates since your previous visit; changes in mood, life(style) changes, physical and/or mental health changes, shifts in your emotional state; everything is relevant.
📘 I highly recommend and encourage you to take notes between appointments; this will be extremely helpful to me, and ultimately to you. By writing things down as they come up you will be much less likely to forget, especially if that “thing” you noticed, is no longer happening by the time I see you again.
🗣 Just like in your intake, everything is relevant, even if it doesn’t seem like it is to you. “TMI” (too much information) does not exist in this context. Everything you share will help to guide your next treatment; and in the bigger picture, allow me to formulate the most accurate diagnosis … to continue to give you the most effective treatments.

“We are trained in this society to reject anything that we do not understand. Elevate your mind.” – THEGOODVIBE.CO

🚦 🚗 Directions & Parking:
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Reading these directions will ensure that you have no issue finding the studio, figuring out parking, and arriving on time for your appointment.

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🚽 Restrooms:
There are two restrooms; located just down the hallway from the entrance to the studio.

It is essential that you read and understand these policies,

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☎️ Please, do not hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns. “It can’t hurt to ask”, is a motto that I live by; and has served me well; you can literally ask me anything.
207-420-0270 (kristen’s cell#).

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