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Dear Ones,

The night of May 20th, the Sun enters Gemini, powered by dynamic planetary aspects and a Moon transiting from Leo to Virgo. Buckle up and try to avoid specific planning. A facet of the Gem in Gemini is things can change at anytime and bring you anywhere. It is time to enjoy the ride.  The first week of the Gemini Sun may arrive with you feeling like you are reacting to dramatic situations. However, letting go and moving on quickly comes easy now -this week is also for releasing rumination and the heavy emotions accumulated from the Taurus Sun energy. This is the time to drive into a hot, exciting summer.

Mercury, the ruling planet of Gemini, is fueled by curiosity -it helps you to explore multiple perspectives. This is why Geminis change their mind a lot, as they need to understand what the experience will be like, and they need to explore what options are available, in order to arrive at understanding. The mind works hard during this time, and understanding exists as more mental then emotional.

On the 29th of May, Mercury enters Gemini, as well as there being a Full Moon in Sagittarius. This energy is less about driving into a new scene, and more about being launched into outer-space to explore and discover how much is really out there. The catch is not staying, and instead, learning how to return to the knowing that you are a small part of an infinite world. This is a time of fearless action, sharing information confidently and learning all you can through the intergalactic stimulation around you. This is a time of not being intimidated by the unknown. Discuss what you have been learning, reveal your insecurities to your friends, as in turn, you will receive lots of great perspective. Existing as an interactive and social time, there is not a tendency to think about risk and worry. Remain less focused on consequences and more focused on action and change.

I remind you of the seat belt again, as this can be a fast ride to a new path, that can be long lasting. The question to ask yourself now is:

After the Full Moon, the Moon begins to wane in the sign of Capricorn until the 2nd of June. This is your chance to put the seat back and coast in your car (or rocketship). You might reevaluate your actions since the 20th and become more settled in a plan. Capricorn energy is naturally cautious; after all this activity is a good time to tap into and bring balance to the fast change and impulsive decisions that may have taken place. This will be a reevaluation time -check in with yourself, embrace this pause, and you will be able to identify the difference between the thoughts that feed you, and the thoughts that bind you.

June 4th and June 7th there are no planetary aspects; on the 4th the Moon will go into the sign of Aquarius. This is a powerful time to feel the element of Air un-compromised. As both Gemini and Aquarius are Air signs, this is party time. There is no shortage of fun and adventure as we ride into the Solstice. As days get longer and life feels faster, Venus moves into Leo on the 13th of June; party time continues, and personal relationships will be revealed. The flame with your loved one, new or old, may flare up. Venus in Leo is expressive, willful, and not quiet at all. If you have been stuffing your emotions or waiting for a feeling to pass, in order to avoid conflict, it will come out now. On the flip side, if you have been holding back revealing your feelings to your friend crush, it too comes out now. Basically, the first few degrees of a Venus in Leo is hot and lustful, fueled by the Air sign planets and Gemini Sun, it will spread the fire within -the only thing that can cool this fire is to release the expression. It is a great time for romance, love and feeling chemistry that is off the astrological charts. It is also a great time to focus on self and self-love, sharing all that you admire. As much as I personally do not like this expression, it is a beneficial time to focus on the positive, as Leo energy has a tendency to reach epic proportions in its desire for love and pride. ‘Keeping it positive’ will build momentum and help new and old relationships grow creatively, all the while allowing distance. Energy doesn’t need to be wasted destroying something that will appear insignificant later. The question to ask to remain positive is:

Mookaite Jasper | a secure stabilizer

nurtures bottom 3 chakras connects to earth light, so you can move forward & keep the goal in mind without distractions supports phyiscal balance aids building strength & driving forward

*Use this stone in your car to avoid accents and maintain a consistent attention span

Flower Agate | bud, bloom, and burst into your growth
enhances confidence, self worth, & bold expression allows you to feel comfortable with taking up space & being seenreleases fear & guilt

*A new discovery from Madagascar

Blue Aragonite | a peaceful connector
creates conversation eases throat chakra (especially for people who publicly speak) aids feeling comfortable in a crowd, or new social scenes helps connect you to inner peace brings warmth, comfort & relaxation

*Use this stone if you struggle with introversion, but desire to be more social

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