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Dear Ones,

June 21st, the Summer Solstice, the Sun enters Cancer and the Moon is in Libra. Venus and Mars oppose each other. These aspects will be like a surprise party for the sun! This will be a social, dynamic time, involving lots of change and even invoking conflict. The Moon squares Pluto and Mercury. It may not be a peaceful and relaxing summer day, but it will be dramatic, diverse, and with lots of physical energy to see it through. You may plan your events, only to end up in a whole other scene, both memorable and fleeting. The next week leading up to the Full Moon is jam packed with planetary aspects -some are harmonious while others are conflicting.

Mars goes into Retrograde on the 26th, and the Full Moon will be in Capricorn on the 27th. This will feel like courage and expression building within you. The veil is thin, and it’s easy to pick up on the vibes of the elements, especially the water and fire energy. It may feel like you can’t keep up with all you want to do and all whom you want to see. You have a lot to offer and share. There is so much light, yet not a lot of time to pick your aspirations. It’s a good time to designate your desires, which eventually leads you to financial and emotional security.

Keep in mind that the planets are partying and that the energy is percolating right now. A lot of things that require action may fall flat after the 27th. Creative inspirations will be more challenging to put into action with an Aquarius Mars in Retrograde, coupled with a Waning Moon. Keep in mind that lack of action does not mean going into lazy summer days. There are so many aspects occurring at this time -outside influences and perspective shifts are swarming. You may start feeling confused, start second-guessing your relationships, start questioning your passions, and start mulling over what makes you feel secure.

Important relationship decisions concerning long term commitments will be made. Are you in, or are you out? If you have been on the fence for a long time, long-term waffling with your feelings and patterns can come to an end once and for all. As a whole, you will gain clarity in your role in the relationships around you. You may not be ready to confront these relations, and may instead want to avoid conflict. However, you will be unable to avoid the truth of how you feel. Band-aids are always temporary, especially now, so rip it off and ask yourself this:

On July 12th, we have a New Moon in Cancer, with a partial Solar Eclipse. If you can’t see it, you will definitely feel it.  Mercury went into Leo on June 25th -expressions and confessions are easily revealed. For those of you in the arts, this is a great time for healing, feeling, and creating -leading us into the Sun in Leo on July 22nd. The big questions for this astrological season are:

Sunstone | a warm brightener
brings joy, passion, physical energy & adventure helps you remember and connect with your inner child

* Flash this stone in sunlight to sparkle up your day

Polychrome Jasper | a grounded manifester,manifests creative vision into reality • assists in feeling emotional and financial security

* Place on the tailbone to nurture your lower 3 Chakras

Apache Tears | a negativity absorber,absorbs excess emotion • relieves fear • aids feeling safe and protected from negative interactions

* Carry in your pocket to relieve the overstimulation of large crowds

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