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Dear Ones,

On September 22nd, the Sun harmoniously enters the sign of Libra. Gentle planetary aspects occur allowing you to ease into the Equinox. Feel the balance of light and dark settling into your body and release the mind of all previous anxieties. Over the weekend, there will be a clear sense of balance, relaxation, and peace. Monday morning will be sleepy, as the Moon leaves Pisces and enters a Full Moon in Aries by evening. You will most certainly feel this transition as you go into the night. Everyone wakes up and wants to know what’s next. There is a buzz in the air and a need to emotionally act. When the Moon is in Aries, it’s easy to react to emotions without understanding them. However, the Libra Sun adds support to avoid conflict, to understand, and to harmonize.

The week of the 24th through the 28th, there may be lots of stop-and-go, being emotionally reactive and then mentally pulling back. Midweek Wednesday the 26th, the Moon squares Pluto; emotionally reacting will bring big surprises in relationships. In a way, it’s easier to express and react to emotions, because of the process of feeling leads to dealing. The urge to suddenly react to what you are feeling will come before the actual process. Conflict and projections are happening strong, but also, and equally consuming, will be the need to resolve. Resolution will allow for productivity, especially in relationships (both romantic and platonic). During this time, being honest with who you are and where you feel balance in your life, comes naturally. The questions to ask yourself here are:

Sunday, September 30th, Pluto goes direct, bringing relief to thick emotional transitions. A Moon in Gemini assists in speeding up communication and gaining insights from the past. It may feel like you just solved a puzzle and the missing piece was found. October 1st through the 7th is all about giving and receiving. Venus going into retrograde on the 5th makes it easy to self-reflect and understand loving relationships and intimacy. Yes, this is another thing that may bring a lot of discomfort, but it also brings a lot of love, compassion and willingness to sit through it. This planetary aspect builds resilience. Venus in Scorpio is in its detriment, but this is what makes the karmic lesson obvious:

I have a lot to say about the retrograde Venus in Scorpio and its intensity. The healing benefits and insights it can bring are huge. Facing pain and harsh judgments, finding truth in love and in partnership -this aspect is very passionate and deeply sensual when expressed, yet really easy to repress. If you work through the shame, I promise you it will lead to a better understanding of who you are, will lead to better sex, and will lead to deeper intuitive connections with those close to you.

A New Moon in Libra on the 8th might leave you feeling indecisive, beginning this week topped with the pressure of making a decision. Herein lies the need to take action and build self-worth. Pressure for this week will be self-inflicted, however quick it will be to understand and resolve. Vitality and life-force shine through. It’s a socially active time, with lots of gathering and lots of transactions. If you do feel imbalances at this time, it’s a good idea to set intention and plan ahead. The beginning of the week will be about who you are and what you want to do -the end of the week will be about collaboration. Social dynamics continue to increase over the weekend, where there is a grounding Moon in Capricorn, and very few aspects. The 19th of October has lots going on -there will be a buzz about this day and again, we go into another peaceful weekend. Basically, for the next 30 days, the weeks will be jam-packed with lots of aspects, while the weekends will be the time for lots of relaxation and peace. In-joy, as the Scorpio Sun comes in with a sting. 

Rose Quartz | an invoker
love compassion understanding of self acceptance of others

Malachite a clearer
pulls out old emotion and brings to the surface what issues of the heart need to be faced evokes courage to take action

Pink Tourmaline | an instigator
calming yet invigorating activates senses  increases intimacy • enhances romance in partnerships

Yellow Jasper | facilitator
• steadies over-active energybrings consistencya great stone to ground, motivate, and move forward

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