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Dear Ones;

The Sun enters Sagittarius on November 22nd and once again the cycle of the Sun starts off with a Full Moon. BOOM!
On Thanksgiving, whether you celebrate or not is sure to be a party or a fight. The dynamic of the Sagittarius Sun combined with the Gemini Moon, is social, electric, and eccentric. You may have a lot to say, as new inventive ideas come in, needing expression, as well as insights into what you want and how to get it. If you are feeling this dynamic running through you, take it into the weekend.

Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  The Moon wanes in Cancer bringing insight to your true desires rather than your emotional desires. The Moon trines Venus giving passion to these desires, while Neptune goes direct. This shifts everything. Self-anguish and goal disillusionment turn into reevaluation of aspirations and clarity on the bigger picture. How do you live your life and follow your dreams? Neptune by itself is not about action, but vision. The night of Monday the 25th, it trines the Moon. This is the time to get answers in your dreams and better understand how to move the subconscious clutter into conscious awareness.
As you fall asleep ask:

Wake up, write down, and walk the journey. On November 8th, Jupiter begins its transition through its home position of Sagittarius. As the Sun transits through its Sagittarius cycle, we have an extra boost of joy, prosperity, travel, wonder, and luck. It’s a beautiful time for expansion. This period of time as a whole (Nov 22nd – Dec 21st) is about giving and receiving with gratitude. Sharing and understanding seem to come natural, judgement dissolves and community feels like support.

The 29th through the 2nd of December are highly aspected. Mercury moves into Scorpio on Sunday; Venus moves into Scorpio Monday; the Sun squares Mars and the Moon squares Pluto. This will allow you to hone in on your truth. It cuts through the chaos or excess. This is a great time to sift through the details of who you are and how you express, in order to get to your purpose. This is a great time to think about your intention for 2019. What will your actions be, and how will you present them to your social circles? December 6th there is a New Moon in Sagittarius and Mercury goes direct, bringing in more clarity backed up by more action. While it’s not the best time to make solid plans, it is the best time to go into your vision and make an outline. Communicate honestly and effectively -your truth will come out naturally. Real parts of you will be revealed -try to avoid second guessing. During the weekend, you may go from feeling clarity, to feeling conflicted. Here’s the time where it’s good to take action and begin to plant the intention of 2019. Begin making your vision tangible.

Focusing on these questions will keep forming your reality streamlined, revealing the real. On December 12th, Mercury enters Sagittarius, really giving fire to desire. There is a lot of change and flow for the next week, before we ground in Capricorn. Allow for this flow -life will feel out of control and perfectly aligned at the same time. There is peace in chaos. Sometimes, lots of the time, the universe itself takes you to your truth, your real, and the best course of action is to deal. This also helps to receive the best deal. It’s a good month, rock on and rock out.
You probably noticed in the beginning that the newsletter was dedicated to Janice Marceline Korytko Supinski, who was my gem of a manager’s mother. Janice was a Sun sign in Sagittarius with an Aquarius Moon. She knew and communicated her truth unabashedly. Sometimes, she would tell you your reality and what she hoped it would turn into. She was the real revealed. While Scorpio energy finds the truth, Sagittarius finds it and moves it, setting it free. Let’s lead with Jan’s example. Freedom, truth, integrity!

Tigers Eye | a creator of common-ground
perseverance β€’ removes judgment β€’ increases vitality & creativity

Petrified Wood | a significant stabilizer
dream recall β€’ ancient wisdom β€’ brings purpose to reality

Chalcopyrite | an instigator of fun
letting go, letting loose, and laughing with life β€’ finding humor amidst difficulty

Turquoise | an ancient talisman
great for protection during inner and outer journeys β€’ personal magnetism

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