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Dear Ones;

Early morning October 23rd, the Sun enters Scorpio, the Moon Squares Pluto, and Uranus opposes the Moon. Let’s just dive right into this transformational energy! Also let’s not forget that Venus is Retrograde in Scorpio. You will be feeling a lot right now -it may be hard to know the ‘whys’, but planets are giving plenty of inspirational energy to go deep and find the answer, find the you. This is not black and white or right and wrong, but your own moral compass. A Full Moon in the first degrees of Taurus on Wednesday is sure to pull out the shadows. So you begin to understand and unveil the ‘whys’. Take a deep look into your desires and ask yourself:

As you go into the weekend, take time, and contemplate your story. Notice the details of what you’re feeling. It is easier to just go into your emotions now -the more you resist, the more they will persist. Take the first week, go deep, and wisely discover your ‘whys’. Really think about them after the emotions begin to dissolve. Think about when and where they started. Are you a victim? Are you denying traumatic events that have been painful?

This is a time of transforming your emotion, unveiling your deep desires, and navigating your soul’s journey by being 100% honest. SHOW UP FOR YOURSELF. So you can bring the real you to the world and enjoy authentic relationships. On Sunday, the 28th, the Moon goes into Cancer forming a trine with Venus, and then trines the Sun on Monday. Intuition is high, dreams are strong, and understanding the ‘why’ feels more easeful. Emotions are flowing like water, and the planets are heavily aspected, bringing lots of expression, compassion,and the need for intimacy. Mercury enters Sagittarius on the 30th, creating time to talk and process the self-reflection hole you may have dove into. Venus enters Libra on the 31st but remains in Retrograde until November 16th. This is just enough time to dry off from the deep waters you have been immersed in and evaluate your relationships deeply:

You can easily answer these questions as the Sun moves to Sagittarius. This is when your transformational energy will be exposed, will feel developed. While Pluto is the ruling planet of Scorpio, Mars being exalted fires up the expression of Scorpio’s inner transformation. Normally this process is silent, but with Mars so active, the usually private energy of Pluto leaves the Scorpion exposed. This is the darkness before the light; this is the space we grow from, both collectively and individually.
The same day Venus goes direct (November 16th), Mercury goes Retrograde. Life lightens up anyway. The emotionally confused or jumbled feeling releases. Life shifts from deep emotion to information: the chrysalis opens, you may begin to feel liberation, motivation, and ready to spread your wings, moving and flowing more light into your body.
Yes, Mercury in Retrograde brings usual delays, technology malfunctions, travel mishaps. Mercury is all about information, not emotion, and Sagittarius is about expanding the mind, experience, perspective, and adventure.
Although Mercury is in it’s opposing sign, I personally see this aspect as powerful, energizing, and mind-opening, rather than limiting. The Sun leaves Scorpio and enters Sagittarius on the 22nd, kicking us off into a Full Moon. We go from slow, transformative growth, only to catapult into adventure. After all of the healing, we move into collective manifestation energy.

Black Tourmaline | a protector
helps to feel safe inside your journey protects deflects negative energy

Malachite a purger
pulls out old emotion and brings to the surface what issues of the heart need to be faced evokes courage to take action

Pink Tourmaline | an instigator 
calming yet invigorating activates senses  increases intimacy • enhances romance in partnerships

Yellow Jasper | facilitator
• steadies over-active energybrings consistencya great stone to ground, motivate, and move forward.

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