♥️ I am continually humbled and overwhelmed by the love and appreciation from so many of you. To say I am grateful would never be adequate to express what you have meant in my life. I am me, because of all of you. Thank you for all you have taught me.
xo, k

Can You Feel the Love Tonight – Lion King

”I cannot say enough about the level of teaching I’ve experienced when being instructed by Kristen Boze. As a first time yoga class attendant I had no idea what to expect and no idea what I was doing, I’m so thankful I ended up in Kristen’s class. I had never even done a yoga pose, I’m extremely high energy and VERY distract-able. I’ve tried everything over the years to relax and nothing has helped, my mind always wanders. That wasn’t my experience in Kristen’s class at all, it’s actually the exact opposite In her class. She has a way with words that teach yoga, get you in the right mindset and bring your attention within. She also pays attention to form, gives gentle correction and will give you the one-on-one attention needed even in a class with 25 other people. Her whole aura is captivating, and I feel she embodies everything an amazing yoga instructor should. I’m so thankful to have her and her unique style of yoga instruction in my life. The world of Yoga couldn’t be the same without her.”
– Emmy C.

“Yoga combined with acupuncture and cupping… A match made in heaven! I love Cloud9! The Yoga is more of a yin style and deeply relaxing. The cupping helped my chronic back pain and really improved the circulation in my lower back. The class felt more intuitive than structured. Kristen is very knowledgable and has made a warm and welcoming studio space.”  – Susan B.

“Kristen, I want you to know how incredibly amazing you are.. as a person and a yoga teacher.. and I truly feel blessed to have crossed paths with you .. and can’t thank you enough to opening up a whole new way of seeing/feeling/being in life for myself and Savannah.. it fills my heart with joy!! Your classes are uniquely physically challenging, mindful with the accompaniment of soulful , heartfelt, soothing , uplifting music and with the wisdom , insight and spirit of you . The creativity and power you bring to all your classes is palpable.. with such passion and ease. I must say the cloud9 was truly that..sheer bliss .. an absolutely wondrous experience that I look forward to again and again .. along with all your other amazing classes.. although the word “classes” doesn’t seem to give what you do the justice it deserves .. thank you for being you and taking on this amazing incredible journey of opening the sunshine factory☀ i believe.
Peace , love and namaste.”  – Joni L.

“I have been a student of Kristen’s for about 8 years. The studio she’s created, The Sunshine Factory, is true to it’s  name! It is a warm, clean and inviting space.
I recently attended the Workshop class – “Bikram Breakdown”.
Kristen always has an open mind and allows her students needs to assist in guiding the format. She broke down the postures that each student finds challenging. But at the core of the practice is breath and in getting in touch with one’s own. I highly recommend Kristens studio and her style of teaching to all students. You will definitely leave having received a gift that can carry you through your day and even possibly your life!”  – Teresa R.

“I went to the Cloud9 class last Saturday and it was an amazing class! Massage, yoga, acupuncture, cupping and then it ended with Yoga nidra (guided meditation / “Yogic Sleep”). I really couldn’t believe that you could get all of this in one class. And, it was so affordable! It was so much more than I expected. I left feeling absolutely wonderful and I can’t wait to go back this week!
I’ve also been to several other classes at The Sunshine Factory. The classes are always well planned with a different sequence each time so you don’t ever get bored. Kristen’s cueing is clear and she suggests modifications for more or less as needed. The studio is beautiful, perfectly lit, well ventilated and clean. There is an incredibly cozy/comfy room in the back of the studio where you can hang out before or after class. I usually don’t write about my yoga experiences but this studio is fantastic and offers classes that I haven’t found at other studios. I want to tell everyone about it!”  – Lisa L.

“Today I was on Cloud9 … it was a truly unique and incredible experience! The ear acupuncture and cupping is directed to the areas you need it the most, and I can best describe it as afterwards having a relaxed lightness of being. Target it to any sore spots and get pain relief! The environment is warm, welcoming, and professional. You HAVE to try it!” – Lucy L.

“I can’t begin to describe how much I love the Fusion class on Tuesdays! It’s what got me addicted to Kristens true gift as a yoga teacher! I love to call it a sneaky work out because I’m totally zen in the moment and afterwards, but there is no lack of soreness the next day! A good sore to add at that!”                           – Savannah R.

“Kristen’s yoga classes are powerful and heartfelt. Her style of working with people is very skillful and effective. Kristen is nurturing, kind and insightful instructor. She challenges us in a way that addresses our best and brings out our best. I am consistently impressed with her dedication, knowledge and compassion.” – Eileen D.

“Oh happy day it is when you take a yoga class from Kristen. Whether it is the formal Bikram practice or Kristen’s unique vinyasa flow I leave her class feeling more connected, open, balanced, strong and relaxed. She has a way through her careful instruction to inspire one to do their best on their yoga mat. I have learned from Kristen the importance of small incremental movements and alignment. I have finally understood the importance of breath and how to coordinate it with movement.
As a passionate instructor she not only gives clear explanation of each posture, but also identifies why the posture benefits us. Kristen guides and nudges each of her students to get the most out of their practice which ultimately leads to better health and happiness-oh happy day!” – Dede H.

“Kristen has been an inspiring Yoga Teacher to me for many years. Her teaching comes from a place of knowledge and heart, with a deep understanding of the subtle energy body. She guides a class that is for all levels where you will be challenged, yet encouraged to follow your inner being. I recently received acupuncture from Kristen and the after effects were astonishing. My upper back and shoulders had been throbbing for months, and within an hour of me leaving the pain started to subside. I would highly recommend Kristen for both acupuncture and yoga! She is a rockstar.” – Lee S.

“I never miss Kristen’s Tuesday 9:30 Fusion Class! Kristen is truly a gifted yoga instructor. She seamlessly weaves together music, relaxation, alignment, and physical challenge like no other teacher I have taken yoga from in my 20+ years of practice!“  – Lisa K.

“Kristen is a brilliant and dedicated yoga teacher. Her authentic style has a shamanic effect, always taking me on a journey.” – Natalie D.

“Kristen’s yoga classes run smoothly and with focus and patience —a clear reflection of her experience as both a yoga teacher and practitioner. Her love for yoga is apparent in her instruction, in which she incorporates knowledge and insight regarding yoga’s spiritual and physical benefits. I’m a middle-aged, middle-of-the-road practitioner of yoga, and Kristen somehow always helps me feel welcome, capable, and strong, all the while keeping the primary focus on the breath and present moment. A music fan, Kristen prefaces and ends most of her classes with thoughtfully chosen music, her own twist to a style of yoga that has the same progression of 26 poses. She provides careful instruction on each of the poses, with beginner and advanced variants to the foundations on which we build. A particularly impressive quality of Kristen’s instruction is the individual attention and support she provides during class, to newcomers and longtime practitioners alike.Kristen is one in a million, and I hold her in the highest regard.”
Kathy B.