Ben Ho – Instructor Bio

Benjamin Ho’s journey started many years ago first with reading a translation of Bhagavad Gita. With the spiritual seed in place, and having endured a few life-changing injuries, he eventually found himself at a yoga studio where he found peace – for the mind, body and soul. Along the way to rebuilding, he transitioned from Vinyasa Flow Yoga classes to Yin Yoga and then to a Yin Yoga Teacher Training, to deepen his practice.

The Yin and Meditation practice enabled him to endure the high intensity efforts in racing and training on the bicycle. He couldn’t continue without it. Seeing the huge benefits of Yin Yoga and how it addresses the connective tissues and hidden parts of the body restoring balance, the practice was too good not to share.

This practice is not just for cyclists, it’s for everyone; and is especially beneficial to those who are active in any sport. While the practice and its sequences are tailored to the life-long athlete, anyone can participate. And unlike sport, there are no levels. You start where you are, now.

Benjamin is a certified Yin Yoga teacher; trained by Sagel Urlacher.
He has taught regularly in several local studios and held several Yin Yoga series, for Cyclists.
He has cycled competitively since 1990’s, and currently races with the Portland Tall Sock Racing Team.
He now teaches at The Sunshine Factory; creating a Yin experience like no other.